Can you imagine what your life would be if you did not have your natural movement abilities? That may be difficult for some but many of us can. Whether you know it our not, your natural movement abilities define your life, and actually those abilities are your life, and without them life is drastically different. That I can personally guarantee you.

Everything changes when you lose them. The easy becomes challenging and often difficult. Opportunities fade as limitations and restrictions appear, and the life you knew vanishes. Much of the joy and meaning of life fades away as frustrations and depression fill the hollow parts of the person that remains. BUT in many cases it does not need to be that way, nor does it need to stay that way.

The limitations and restrictions of movement takes life away. So if those movement abilities could be gotten back, or better yet if they did not go away, life would be renewed to live again, and that I can also guarantee you.

The third thing I can guarantee you is, many people with impaired movements have the ability to improve their impaired movement abilities. In fact, many of them have the ability to recover a great deal of their natural ability. So how can they do that?

They need someone who understands their basic problems and the solutions to teach them. They need someone who lives the same problems, has found the natural corrections to those problems and has the ability to show them how they can do it too.

I am that person and I can help you.

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Is This You?

Do you have problems with your movements? Are you clumsy or uncoordinated? Is walking a problem for you? There are many people in the world saying “yes” to these questions. The truth is, it is estimated that there are seven hundred and twenty million people worldwide who have a problem with ease of movement. That is roughly 10% of the population. In addition, 45 million of these people have movement impairments because of a degenerative neurological disorder.

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About Tom

Dr Thomas L ClouseI’m the bell ringer, a former general surgeon with a voice of support and meaningful advice for people with impaired movements, the person attempting to wake others up to the possibilities before them if they will only make the effort and try to learn this for themselves. This is a passionate mission for me. Being a surgeon was phenomenal, I loved it. But I have to tell you that helping someone regain themselves as you’ll read on this site is just as profound and important.

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