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 Walking With Ataxia     
            Personal limits are arbitrary and imaginative creations from speculative minds.      
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Many of you can personally relate to the guy walking and falling up in the left corner.  To move and walk like that is frightening and anyone with that problem wishes a magical wizard would come and put an end to to their nightmare.

NICE nice wish but that wizard with the magical wand
you will never come.
Because there are no magical wizards and there are no magical remedies for your movement problems.
So your magic is all you have.  Your magic is hidden within your natural hidden abilities.
Your personal magical wand, your hidden natural movement ability is within you waiting to be used again.

To find it you will need to know how to give yourself permission to go looking for it,
you are the only one who can give yourself that permission.
And how do you do that?  You give yourself a reason to want it and to use it.

It is your movement ability magic wand, your natural abilities and only you can bring them back to life.
I am speaking of the natural movement abilities you were born with.  You still have them.
The problem is this.  The way you are using your body now will not allow you to use them.

Many of you
need a kick start to get you moving into the right direction, to provide you with some help in starting the process, to help you understand what is happening to you and to provide you with an understanding of how you can change this living nightmare.

Your small kick start is the information on this site.
 It is small because the information on this site is only the beginning of bare basics.
Then the book I am currently writing will contain the rest of the details and explanations.

yOU DO have the ability to RE-LEARN and REGAIN SOME,
or possibly a great deal, OF the MOVEMENT ABILITY you once enjoyed.


Can some of you return to normal like movement abilities with your ataxic condition? Yes, many of you can and it is all in the "how".

I have come to understand that:
It does not matter why your movement ability is screwed up.
It does not matter what the cause of your disability is or might be.
It only matters that you have the problem.

With that reality there is only thing that really makes a damn bit of difference for you...
and that is what you do about your personal situation!

I am one of you.  I have Spinocerebellar Atrophy (SCA 14).
I initially started this site to help people with SCA,
and then people with other disorders asked me if I could also help them.
So I tried and it worked for them too.

The information on this site will work for anyone who has some basic ability to walk.
How is that possible you ask?  The answer is as simple.
Everyone use the same practical basics of human movement.

The same basics work for anyone who has the use of their legs
and still has the ability to stand on those legs...
because the basics are the same for all of us.

A quote from an old movie continues to help me stay focused.
A soldier had become blinded by shrapnel during a battle.  On his return home, and readjusting to his new life, he found that everyone treated him as if he couldn’t manage many things by himself anymore.  After all, he was blind and therefore...different.  His new label changed how everyone else in the community viewed his capabilities.  They intuitively knew what was best for him and some viewed him as a burden.
Many continued to instruct him on his limitations, what he couldn’t do anymore and what he ultimately had to accept.   

But, he didn’t listen to them very well and continued to tell those who would listen of his dreams and ambitions; even as they continued to dissuade him.
Frustrated by his wrongful dreams, fearing for his safety, and knowing that he was filled with false hopes, his fiancée finally pleaded, “Why do you insist on wanting to do things you know you can’t do?”
He replied,
“Because I won’t know what I can’t do until I try!” 

Be that soldier!  Surprise yourself.
Honestly, those who think they know what you cannot do really don't!

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