2018 Ataxia Tour Schedule

In England.

Much of the time I will be working with an editor consumed with the chores of required editing and re-writes of the book explaining our unnatural movements.

Need help with your movements? Send your “me too” request with a click right here.

I live and travel around the country in my RV, and that is what allows me to come work with you while helping to limit the expenses. This mobility provides you with the opportunity to receive help with your problematic movements that many of you would otherwise never have.

It provides you with an opportunity to work with someone who understands your movement problems and knows how to correct them.

I know because I have the same type of disorder (SCA14). I live the same problems you live with, but I have learned how to correct many and most of my movement problems.

I know and teach the practical basics of movement that will be extremely difficult to find anywhere else. In fact, to date I do not know of anyone or any place with this approach.

Basically, I help you by teaching you how to help yourself, how to correct many of the mistakes in movement that you are making.

Also, you can read Comments written by people I have worked with and that will help to answer some of the questions you have about me and what I offer to you.


What you will need to provide for the working sessions:

*** A place for us to work. A large room with lots of floor space and an empty wall or two.

i. An empty 20 x 40 foot room works but bigger in this case is better, and a gym works great.

ii. The floor needs to be clean, hard and smooth. Tile, concrete, laminate, hardwood or commercial grade carpeting are ok.

iii. Normal carpet in the normal home has too much cushion for these purposes.

iv. Open floor space! We require open floor space with bare walls to at least head high.

The larger the open space that we have to work in the better because we will be using the floors and the wall along with balls, like throwing, rolling, hitting and kicking them… open space.

v. Try your best to keep me out of a place that has or has had pets. I have strong allergies to most cats, dogs and especially mold.

vi. My reaction to them is “brain fog” and fatigue and it screws me up for a couple days after a good dose.

vii. The room doesn’t need to be fancy, just functional, and if it is not empty we will have to make it that way.

viii. If needed try asking your church, YMCA, health club or whatever.

ix. Your garage MIGHT be okay if that is where we have to be but without the criteria above we will be wasting time.

x. We will be doing some outside work towards the end of the sessions and I will pick that area when I get there.

xi. As a general rule, an outside area for the beginning stuff does not work out very well. Trust me.

*** While I am there my schedule is very flexible (with very few exceptions) and you are normally the only reason I am coming to your area.

i. I will find a RV park within your area to set up my motor home while I’m there.

ii. For those areas where there is more than one of you please try to get one place for all of us to work out of if possible. Mostly these will be individual sessions.

iii. An exception to my flexibility is I normally try not to work late in the evenings.

iv. With some exceptions I normally will not work with you every day.

v. The off day is for you to process the information and practice and use what we cover, and many of you will need that day to recover physically and process the information mentally.

vii. Each session will be somewhere between 2-3 hours depending on your “stamina” and how many people I am working with that day.

viii. I video record as much of this as I can and therefore will provide you with a “release form” to sign to document your approval of the video recording and the work we are doing.

ix. The video recorder is another reason we need the bigger room.

x. What can you do before I get there? Tone up, exercise and get off your butt if you aren’t already.

xi. What’s the one big comment I routinely hear during the first week? “I didn’t realize I was that out of shape.”

xii. Are we going to be doing strenuous stuff? NO.

xiii. We’re going to be working on the basics of movement and how to apply them in everyday life.

xiv. How many sessions will you need? That depends on where you are in your disability and movement issues, but normally 10-12 are required. This of course is variable and is totally dependent on the individual.  

So then, “How much do I charge for all of this?”

I ask that my basic expenses to travel to, and stay in your area while I work with you are met.
In addition, I ask for a donation for my services while I am there.
The amount of the donation is your choosing, and it should be based on the value of the information and help I have provided you.

Thus, the donation is expected after the final session. It would be nice if money would have nothing to do with this, but the reality is we must all pay our bills and put food on our table.

My reality is, without your financial support to me for helping you, I would not be able to support myself to continue doing this work.