Amy Cantrell

May 3, 2013

I would like people to know that the movement tools you taught me keep expanding and are more rewarding as time goes on. You are right. You do have to use it on your own every day and then you also have to play with it every day. When I don’t push myself to try and move past the old stuff in my head like you told me I just don’t seem to get better. But then when I clear my head and focus on the basic stuff you taught me my movements and walking do get better.

You reach many ability plateaus and it seems like the plateau you are on is the best you’ll ever get. But with perseverance you can just push through to the next one, and there always is a next one. This has been the hardest thing I have ever done. But now mundane chores like carrying the laundry basket around are not as difficult. Walking around the block was like dragging my legs around but now after 9 months it is so much easier.

I thought my life was stagnant and I had less to offer the world. You have not only given me life tools but also a renewed belief in myself to conquer old fears! I can now step on snow and stay balanced. Heel to toe, heel to toe! Bend that knee! I may not walk perfectly but I am walking and swaying to my own tune!

Amy Cantrell
Brighton, Colorado