Amy Cantrell

August 31, 2012

After 10+ year of struggling to move in my daily routines my mobility had become very limited. Sadly I thought that that’s the way it had to be. I was convinced that would always be my life. But then you showed me how that didn’t have to be. You taught me how to move much like a normal person again. In a short time my mobility has greatly improved, my daily routines are easier now and my exercises are actually fun. I’ve extended my mobile and useful days. How do you ever really thank a person for changing your life for the better?

It was very hard work to expend the energy in using muscles that had lain dormant from the lack of knowledge of using them the right way. You made me work hard but the results are worth every minute of it for anyone who desires to make this change for themselves.

Before we started I had thought one session would do it. WRONG! After 9 2-hour sessions I feel like I finally know what the feeling in my feet and knees must be for walking, and to tackle stairs and grassy yards! One session would not have been enough to make me understand all the feelings in my feet which I have not used in so long a time. People that walk normally take their ability to walk for granted but I never will again.

It took many sessions for me to really understand what you were talking about. The reason you answered a question with a question was to make me think about it for myself. For example, I had no need until now to understand the difference between stooping and squatting and how that affected my movements.

My husband drove me to each session and we talked them through on the way home. Some days I came away so confused. Eventually I was able to put it together because you insisted I had to “feel” my feet, and when I finally did start feeling my feet that’s when what you were saying became clearer.

People need to know learning this is hard work but it was well worth it. I not only learned how to use my muscles the right way, but I also learned to trust and like myself again. That was an added bonus to the whole thing! I’m sure we all have too many issues we carry around. I came away in awe of what the human body is capable of and your willingness to help those of us who have forgotten is a great thing! We may not be able to benefit from a cure but you teach us how to live a better life with our disorder.

Thank you!

Amy Cantrell
Brighton, Colorado