Charlotte Depew

March 3, 2013

While in Denver during the 2012 summer, Dr. Clouse’s teachings and coaching benefitted several of us to include myself. Two of those people no longer use canes and two now hit and volley racquet balls in a regular racquet ball court (one had been using a cane and the other, myself, was walker dependent before he came).

After being wheel chair dependent, another person now uses her walker again while another wheel chair dependent person learned to transfer himself to and from his wheelchair; plus Dr. Clouse got him to draw again! These are just some examples of results that changed our lives in ways no other therapist has been able to teach us. Our families were most delighted, amazed and some cried with joy.

Progress can be slow and frustrating. However, Dr. Clouse does not give-up on anyone, is encouraging and generous with his time. The others and I trusted his coaching like no other mobility disorder therapist because he too has ataxia and teaches from personal experience. He knows and understands our needs, struggles, disappointments and hope. He takes time to listen, to emphasize and then gives realistic and useful advice like a true caring coach. He changes ataxia lives for the better.

Charlotte Depew
Aurora, CO