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Share yourself with the ataxia community. How have you taken on your ataxia and scored a victory for yourself? What have you done to make your life better? There are many stories out there which deserve attention. I know there are many individuals out there who have an inspirational/motivational story of their own, and I believe that by sharing those stories we can all share in the helping of those needing some encouragement.

For those who want to contribute, I’ll post your story on this website. It would be required that you allow your name, along with your city, state, and/or country to be included for authenticity. It would also be helpful to others that you allow your email address to be listed. Then people with questions or comments may contact you directly. Otherwise, I would have to forward them to you and I don’t want to have to do that unless the problem is on my end. As for a picture of yourself, that would be entirely up to you.

I reserve the right to help you edit your article if it should be required, but it would not be my intent to change any of the content or meaning. After all, it’s your story, not mine. Further, I will not post the final version until you approve it. Just please keep it within the purpose of that which is already on this site.