Diane Colby

Before I met Dr. Clouse I felt there was no hope. I have cerebellar atrophy and all the neurologist’s I went to painted a pretty gloom picture for my future. They said I would only get worse and that is what happened. I lost my job, my self respect and my self confidence.

After working with Dr. Clouse I am now steadier on my feet and my husband and I are now walking up to three miles a day. I don’t worry about stairs anymore. I’m jogging, playing tennis and just received an award for most improved player this summer from the golf league I play in.

But the best gift I received from Dr. Clouse is hope! I now feel like the sky’s the limit. I can make the future the way I want it to be. He taught me the tools I needed to cope with the challenges of my ataxia and to be able to live my life once again. I’m once again giving myself permission to have fun!!!!!

Diane Colby
Sioux City, Iowa