Howie Everts

September 8, 2013

To Our Fellow Ataxians:

In the summer of 2011, our family had the pleasure of making a connection with Dr. Tom Clouse, who we learned of from a support group.  We contacted him and this is where it all began.

My husband has SCA8.  Our initial thoughts after watching a success video on You Tube; what have we got to lose?  We knew the answer, absolutely NOTHING!

Dr. Tom worked with Howard on two consecutive days, for approximately 2-3 hours/day.  It was truly amazing to see the difference at the end of each session.  By the end of day #2, Dr. Tom had Howard shooting hoops on the basketball court.  Howard was nearly in tears as he says, “I haven’t been able to do this in years!”  He went from walking with a cane on day #1 to shooting hoops on day #2.

What Dr. Tom can do for you and your family is beyond words.  We travel 4 hours by car for each visit, and have even considered traveling to Florida so we could work with him when he isn’t in our state.  He is a remarkable and amazing person and we would recommend his expertise without hesitation.  He is a true blessing and we cannot express how grateful we are to him.  As he will stress…it takes practice, practice, practice!!!!

The Everts Family
Traverse City, Michigan