Jack O’Donnell

March 29, 2010

My name is Jack O’Donnell, age 65 and resident of South Carolina. I began having leg and back pain 6 years ago and was referred to orthopedic doctors but they couldn’t identify the cause of my pain. I was then sent to a vascular surgeon who diagnosed me with an abdominal aortic aneurysm. I was told the aneurysm was probably the cause of my pain, so they removed it. I was led to believe that my pain would be gone when I recovered from the abdominal surgery but the pain in my back and legs didn’t change.

Over the years the pain has gotten much worse and now I also have stiffness in my back and neuropathy in my legs and buttocks. Beginning about a year and a half ago I’ve had to walk with two arm canes to maintain my balance. Shortly after starting to use the canes I developed Planters Fasciitis in both feet.

Last week I met Dr. Tom Clouse in a campground in Florida. He told me about his problem with Ataxia and how he had corrected his clumsiness to where he now walks very much like a normal person. I shared my problem with him then asked if he thought he could help me. He said he would try. After a brief evaluation he indentified a few bad habits in my posture, walking and basic movements. With a few simple tips and some guidance, in less than 45 minutes, I began moving and walking like I had many years ago. Walking was easier. I felt better. I surprised myself.

By the next day I had no more symptoms of the Planters Fasciitis, my balance was back to normal and the stiffness in my lower back is improving. I don’t use the canes anymore; they’re over in the corner. I don’t feel I need them. I’m stable and secure on my own two feet. I feel like I’ve experienced a miracle.

Thank you Dr Clouse.

Jack O’Donnell
South Carolina