Julie Ziel

My name is Julie “Roxy”. I’m 26yrs old and live in Innisfil, Ontario, Canada. My ataxia began with a headache about 3 years ago. It was a life changing headache caused by viral encephalitis and the damage it did to my brain forced me into a life in a wheelchair.

I lost my ability to walk, my arms and legs would constantly shake, I couldn’t keep my balance and my coordination was terrible. I knew that was how my life always would be, or so I thought until Dr. Clouse came!

He worked with me for about 3 weeks and during our last session I walked with a walker. Let me tell you it’s not easy work and very, very emotional but that is all part of it. He knows how to relate because he’s been there.

I now know I will someday be walking without a walker in the very near future. Yes, it’s partly me who won’t give up but more so because Dr. Clouse taught me how to find my feet again. He gave me the tools to walk again! Thank You!

Julie Ziel
Innisfil, Ontario, Canada