Keri Naccarato

My ataxia symptoms really started in 2010. I had heard of Dr. Clouse, the ‘doctor who danced’, but I was skeptical. Then I learned Dr. Clouse was coming to Denver in the summer of 2012 so I thought I’d try working with him as it couldn’t possibly make me worse. I started working with Dr. Clouse in July and from our first session my outlook on how my walking/movement could improve was transformed.

Once my ataxic symptoms had started I thought I could no longer work out. As a former runner I missed working out and challenging myself. After 2 sessions working with Dr. Clouse I was back to walking cane-free and I even went for a walk/jog in a PUBLIC PARK. The sense of freedom I gained from Dr. Clouse is invaluable.

I worked with Dr. Clouse for 8 weeks in 2012 and 6 weeks in 2013 and continue to work out on my own. It is now 2014 and I am still able to walk cane-free! He taught me that having ataxia is nothing to be embarrassed of and that you can do better, but you have to keep working at it to keep improving.

Words cannot express my gratitude. The techniques he taught me and the confidence he gave back to me are immeasurable.

Keri Naccarato
Denver, CO