Points To Remember

1. Learn to relax a little bit!
2. For the most part, keep your eyes off the floor.
3. Look in the direction you want to move before you move.
4. Keep your shoulders level and head straight.
5. Maintain a straight, upright posture.
6. Keep the back of your head, shoulders, butt and your heels lined up.
7. Try your best not to lean onto things as you move.
8. Move as a unit – no matter which direction you go.
9. Begin your movements from your belt.
10. Keep your hips and knees slightly bent.
11. To get your feet off the floor, pick up your knees.
12. Walk on your knees – not your feet!
13. Plant your feet. Get off your heels.
14. Stand with your weight evenly distributed on your entire foot.
15. Point your toes straight ahead before you start to move.
16. Transfer your body weight from one foot to the other.
17. Follow through with each step.
18. Take small evenly spaced steps.
19. Practice walking frequently. Perhaps use a treadmill.
20. Practice movement skills regularly!
21. EXERCISE, EXERCISE, EXERCISE and strengthen those muscles.