Sue Billington

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Sent: Monday, October 5, 2015 2:58:43 PM
Subject: I have ataxia

I am planning on working with Tom Clouse. I had a brain injury leaving me with ataxia. My balance, speech, co-ordination has been really affected.

Could you please comment on your progress with Tom. I truly feel my life is over.

With thanks xxxxxxx

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Subject: Re: I have ataxia

Hi xxxxxxx

I was so pleased to get your email and to hear that you are going to work with Tom Clouse. He is a wonderful man and he certainly will be of great help to you.

He was the first person able to get me to feel my feet grounded again after a serious injury and his basic instructions on his blog I refer to even today years later when I forget a cue. I highly suggest you re read his Chapters over and over again as every time I read them I absorb and implement another gait improvement. I particularly remember his cue of walk as though it is your knees hitting the ground.

There was not allot of help available on the web 6 years ago when I found Tom and I will be forever grateful for what he put together and made public. He made the difference between my giving up ( much like what you are experiencing) and he lead me to pursue my disability and to actually overcome it. I run, walk, and exercise now with abandon!

Don’t hesitate to contact me anytime!

Just a note …be prepared to wear out lots of walking shoes over the next few years as your gait gets better and better.

Cheers, Sue.

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Sent: Monday, October 5, 2015 7:29 PM
Subject: Fwd: I have ataxia

Hi Dr. Clouse,

It has been awhile but I continue to read and implement all of your recommendations whenever I err off course with my walking and running!

I will be forever grateful to you and I sure feel fortunate to have crossed paths with you! I sure hope Barbara can regain her confidence through you

Cheers, Sue.