Susie Hirasuna

Feb. 25, 2013

Dear Dr. Clouse,

It is nothing short of miraculous what you’ve accomplished for yourself by dint of sheer grit and determination. Thank you so much for undertaking this journey to share your methods with the countless others who are similarly challenged. Working with you has shown Dick what he is still capable of and we’ll continue to work on and utilize what you’ve taught him with the assurance that doing so will help him to become more stable on his feet with or without his walker. I’m assuming your forthcoming book will describe the various exercises you have your participants do, so we’ll look forward to acquiring a copy in order to brush up and refresh from time to time.

We’ll ask the Lord’s blessing upon you and pray for your well being and that you can continue your good work helping others.

Susie Hirasuna
Chatsworth, CA